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Dennis graduated from DePaul University in 2004 with a Bachelors Degree in Finance via their College of Commerce. Newly married with a dog and no children, Dennis became licensed as a real estate Agent in the spring of 2003. He can't believe this coming spring 2018 will be 15 years licensed! Dennis' career began with Century 21 Executives and gravitated to 100% commission structures after 2 years.

He has been around real estate sales since being a child when his mom was licensed then (and still is). There are vivid memories going on some showing appointments which he always looked forward to and he still remembers all the paperwork and files his mom would have on the dining room table.

As a real estate broker, Dennis is eager to represent the Real Estate profession with the highest integrity as he's accumulated much wisdom over the years. He's held positions with several top 5 financial firms in being a Licensed Financial Advisor (in the past), so Dennis is able to appreciate the financial impact of the decision to buy or sell real estate. This experience helps with first-time buyers or the highly sophisticated investor just as well.

Dennis also has experience working with real estate brokers who focused on dealings in their foreclosure portfolios. From Asset Manager to the Preservation crews in the field- Dennis has a solid understanding of those operations and confident in representing clients who wish to transact there as well.