A second-generation Real Estate Broker, Emery Joseph Yost began learning about the industry as he followed in his parent's footsteps. His Mother, Jean Yost, was an agent and his Father, Tom Yost, was a cycle-therapist, who worked in his Schwinn Bicycle Shop and re-habbed the family's rental properties.

Emery has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Columbia College and a Master of Arts Degree from DePaul University. At that time, he began his entrepreneurial ventures in the Arts. He was awarded an "Entrepreneurial Scholarship" from DePaul during his studies with Harold Welch, as he spearheaded the "Special Music by Special People" program and the "House of Song programs", while being an instructor for the Chicago Park District. Emery has released internationally recognized music programs and products, including the Garifuna Drum Method. 

With his family real estate experience in hand, Emery began owning and managing real estate in 2002, which centered on multi units. In 2008, he studied real estate and became a Broker. He has gained valuable knowledge and expertise with multi units, single family and condominium sales, as well as extensive experience in leasing properties. 

Emery is excited about continuing the outstanding service offered by his parents in the Chicago area many years ago!