Open Your Home Up To The World???

open door with key in lock

Ever thought about renting your house out for a few nights, or for a week?  How about renting out a bedroom in your home?

There are now easy and reliable ways to do this that are becoming very popular.  You can make extra money, especially during big events where hotels are booked or are charging exorbitant fees.  Depending on your location and what's going on nearby, especially if you are near a big special event, you could earn a couple of  months of mortgage payments by just renting your house out for a week! 

Smart Home Technologies Changing The Way We Live

man checking smart home features on apple watch

With the Internet being ubiquitous and the fact that everyone now carries a smart phone around makes some amazing, even “Star Trek” type of things possible. 

Imagine being on vacation and turning on your lights in the kitchen to make it seem you’re still at home?  How about turning up the temperature on your thermostat on your way home so it’s at the temperature you want by the time you arrive?  Forget to lock the front door before you left?  Lock it from your vacation resort! 

All of these things are now possible with a few simple, affordable devices and the Internet.