Graphic with top producing agents for August 2019

We're proud to recognize our top producing agents for the month of August!

A special thanks for all your hard work and dedication to serving your clients' needs! 

Top Listing Agents
*List is alphabetized by agent first name*
Frank Genualdi, Hassan Dahik, Jay Crowley, Jonie Montalbano, Jo Ceglarek, Karen Wright, Larry Sitkiewicz, Linda Lee, Lydia Perez-Twohey, Lynn Bjorvik, Mary Beth Balcarcel and Sheila Kula


Top Selling Agents
*List is alphabetized by agent last name*
John Bowler, Dan Chiapetta, Eric Cochrane, Jay Crowley, Nancy Fanning-Basso, Michael Harczak, Andrew Kipta, Linda Lee, Cornelia Matache, Tony Nasca, Annette Plocienniczak, Jan Robertson, Larry Sitkiewicz, Tad Szmelter, Jack Tornabene and Gino Viola