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We're proud to recognize these hard-working brokers who consistently go above and beyond to assure their clients goals are achieved.


July's Top Listing Agents
*List is alphabetized by agent first name*
Anna Tabeau, Dan Collins, Jack Guest, John Cozzone, Jonie Montalbano, Laura Herlo, Mary Beth Balcarcel and Val Smolinski.


July's Top Selling Agents 
*List is alphabetized by agent last name*
Marc Anderson, Barbara Angarone, Peter Bellert, Lynn Bjorvik, Deanna Broderick, Jo Ceglarek, Dan Chiappetta, Eric Cochrane, Dan Collins, Marti Corcoran, Hassan Dahik Team, Michael Harczak, April Kibler, Sheila Kula, Cornelia Matache, Michael McLenighan, Matt Nee, Val Smolinski, Ashley Spyrdz, Jan Robertson, Dawn Stavropoulos, Jack Tornabene, Maria Torrey, Luis Valadez, Wayne Varga and Gino Viola.