GOOD NEWS! Fannie Mae Announces Significant Changes to Help People With Student Debt

Learn about the significant changes made by Fannie Mae to help people burdened with student debt qualify for home loans.  Many first-time home buyers will be affected by these changes.  

If you have been turned down for a home loan in the past because your debt-to-income ratio was too high, Fannie Mae just announced it has raised the DTI ratio from 45% to 50%.  If you can document that someone else is making your student loan payments, say your parents or your employer, Fannie Mae will no longer count it toward your DTI.

Moving to Chicago? What You Need To Know

Chicago cityscape backdrop to moving to chicago text

For most, Chicago conjures up images of dreadfully long winters followed by incredibly short but magnificent summers, sailboats flashing along the shores of Lake Michigan, diehard rivalry between the North Siders and South Siders, deep-dish pizzas, a river dyed green in the spirit of St. Patty’s Day, and skyscrapers stretching toward the clouds.

Weekend Barbecue Talk: Memorial Day Trivia

memorial day parade

Memorial Day is a time to honor all those who gave their lives for our country, celebrate our freedom that they fought for, and give thanks for the blessings that we all enjoy.  It's also the kickoff of Summer and a long weekend of festivities, parades, and barbecues with family and friends.  

Here are some Memorial Day facts that will make you the smartest person at the barbeque.  

Jefferson Park - Closed Residential Sales Up 25.6% in 1st Quarter

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Sales in Jefferson Park, as in many of the other Chicago Neighborhoods, have been relatively brisk in spite of the lingering market challenges; continuing decline in available homes to purchase and steadily rising prices.  It can be argued that if there were more homes for sale the closed sales numbers would be much higher given the number of buyers currently shopping for the right home.

Can You Use Your Self-Directed IRA To Invest In Real Estate?

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Yes you can.  It's important to note that there are strict rules and processes that must be followed to do it right.

There are several different ways your Self-Directed IRA can own the property . . . it can pay cash and hold the title, it can partner with other IRA funds or personal funds, it can hold interest in an LLC or land trust and hold the title in the name of the LLC, among other ways. Your IRA can hold various investment property types including commercial buildings, vacant land, condos, mobile homes, apartment buildings, residential real estate, and more.  

Painting Kitchen Cabinets: Step by Step to Achieve Beautiful Results

We've seen several videos describing how to repaint your kitchen cabinets, and some of them leave out critical steps to achieve high quality results.  Yes, you can do it yourself.  Yes, it will take some serious time.  However, beautifully finished kitchen cabinets in white or gray are all the rage right now.  Take the time to get a beautiful and durable finish, update the cabinet hardware, and love your kitchen!  If you're planning to sell your home soon, a beautiful kitchen is one of the most important selling features of a home.

Moving From Renting To Owning - What You Need To Know

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Purchasing your first home is a major life — and financial — milestone. After weeks or months of going through the search process and tempering your expectations to market realities, you get to sign on the dotted line and, at long last, join the ranks of homeowners.

But before you do, it’s important to keep in mind all of the changes that come along with homeownership. Owning a home involves a lot more than sending your monthly payment to a different address. There are a few more considerations to make before taking the plunge.

The Best Real Estate Investments

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Where to invest your hard-earned dollars is serious business. Before making any decisions about where to put your money, you should analyze the different investment vehicles available to you and determine where you are the most comfortable. For most people, the comfort comes from having your eggs in several different baskets . . . investing in the various markets and real estate.