• My name is Lauren Trankina and I had the great opportunity to work with Marti Janus in 2012 for the purchase of our home in Glenview.

    Marti went out of her way to help us and really took all of our cares and concerns into account. She was loving and patient with our 2 year old son and very flexible with my husband’s difficult schedule. She was amazing about accommodating us. She drove from her office to our condo at Lakeshore and Addison when we wrote offers to make life easier.

    Marti has excellent connections to a terrific mortgage broker and home inspector. The mortgage broker would write pre-approval letters on a dime for us at short notice and the home inspector found things that saved us a lot of money. Marti was very professional about what we could afford and our decisions.

    In the end, we ended up with a house that was the best option in Glenview. We are most pleased after the long journey. Now that all said and done, Marti and our family still have a great personal relationship and I would refer anyone to her.

    Lauren Trankina, Glenview Illinois Home Buyer
  • Our real estate agent Marti Janus, helped us find our new home. She purchased a Home Warranty for us which she presented to us at our closing. She explained that it was an added insurance in case anything needed repair that we did not anticipate. The home was in very good condition and we had a home inspection too.

    As it tuned out, our washer stopped working after a couple of months. Thanks to the home warranty, we were able to get a new washer since the old one could not be repaired.

    We are so grateful to our agent, Marti Janus, for giving us that extra protection. It saved us money and we feel secure in our first year of owning a home. 

    Robert and Jennifer Mahon, Chicago Home Buyers
  • As first time buyers, we were so fortunate to work with such a knowledgeable, insightful and genuine REALTOR® who carefully guided us through the process of searching for and purchasing a house. Caryn was excellent at listening to our preferences and showing us ones that were comparable to our requests. For about seven months, she worked tirelessly to keep us up to date on new listings, price changes and market shifts. She was also very flexible with appointments and worked around our busy schedules to meet with us and show us homes. When showing us homes, Caryn was responsive to our questions and concerns. We always knew we could trust her judgement when it came to answering our questions about particular aspects of each home. If she was unsure of any answers, she quickly researched the topic and promptly responded via phone calls and e-mail. We also appreciated her patience with us and how she encouraged us to take our time throughout the entire decision making process instead of pushing us into buying. Most importantly, Caryn was genuinely kind and personable which made a typically overwhelming process enjoyable.

    We are thrilled that we found such a wonderful house just in time for our new baby, and we're grateful for the vital role that Caryn played in getting use here. We have alrealdy recommended our friends to Caryn in their future home buying, and we would gladly welcome the opportunity to work with her again.

    Jason and Erin Oleniczak, Chicago Home Buyers
  • I am very thankful for all of the help Phyllis Collinet and Katy Collinet-Overby gave me. They earned more than their commission on this one. I won't hesitate to recommend them to anyone I know who is looking to buy or sell. They were the one contact (in a very messy closing) that was reliable and easy to reach. Many thanks!

    Jacqueline Firkins, Chicago Home Seller
  • Marti Corcoran gave great advice, was always available for us - she was a true professional. Marti was not only our agent but also counselor, psychologist and cheerleader. She sold my mother's house and Barry Paoli was the agent for our 1st house purchase 32 years ago and he did a fantastic  job also. Thank you.

    Ron and Karen Gottschalk, Chicago Home Sellers
  • Thanks so much for your role in our recent house purchase. We just love it and appreciate all you did to make it happen! We will look forward to working with you again.

    Shannon O'Connor and Joe Ortiz
  • Nancy Basso took time to go over figures with me so I would know almost exactly what my bottom line would be. She was great! She is an asset to your company. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of a REALTOR®.

    Linda A.
  • Jan (Robertson) drove me to the bank, closing, home and when my husband landed in the hospital (with our car parked there) she drove me to the hospital all the way to Skokie. Unheard of kindness!

    Voula Swenson
  • Just a short note to say Thanks So Much for all your help with the sale of our home. We were so fortunate to have you both as our agents and to be able to sell our home to such a nice family. They are really super and we hope they will be as happy as we have been in this home. Take care and come to visit when you get to Tucson!

    Tom and Sandy H.
  • Nancy Basso is extremely knowledgable , outgoing, etc. I was looking for 3 years and Nancy was "right on" with selling our house and finding our new home!

    Robert and Nancy Christie, Chicago Home Buyers and Sellers
  • I can't begin  to tell  you how much we miss you!  It's weird when you think about it! Not many people miss their agent!  It is like you are part of our family.

    Bob, Tim, Zack and Josh Kowalczuk, Chicago Home Buyers
  • Jan took on a lot of responsibility that we do not think any other real estate agent would have even considered and for that we are extremely grateful. We know we can always count on her experience and expertise and we trust her completely. We will always recommend her services to others and hope that you feel that she is as valuable an asset to your office as we feel she is to us and to the community.

    Arnold Diaz and Ting Huie-Diaz, Chicago Home Sellers
  • Thank you so very much for all of your support and hard work. After so many hours of searching I now own a fabulous condo - all thanks to you. You are so wonderful at what you do and I am so fortunate to have met you!  When I actually buy furniture I'd love to have you over for dinner! Take care and keep in touch.

    Junirose, Chicago Home Buyer
  • Thank you for agressively marketing our property and for sweeping it out after we left and mailing us items that the movers missed. Good job in a very tough market. Thank you!

    Joseph Zintel, Chicago Home Seller
  • Please accept my gratitude for your excellent work. Another agent had this property for 10 months with 3 showings. It only took you only 10 days and 4 showings to get it sold. Being 70 miles away you gave it your immediate attention.

    Joseph Locascio, Chicago Home Seller
  • Phyllis went beyond the call of duty. She found our dream home. Countless stressful hours she was subjected to. Words can not express the gratitude! We love you Phyllis!!

    Cedric and Lisa Thomas, Chicago Home Buyers
  • Waldemar "Val" Smolinski is very patient and tolerant!

    K. Spaulding, Chicago Home Buyer
  • Waldemar "Val" Smolinski took care of everything!!

    Michael Bruno, Chicago Home Seller
  • Linda went out of her way to assure me of the many transactions that were taking place. She kept me informed even when a few deals fell through. If I would need your service I would certainly call you again in the future.

    Francis M., Chicago Home Seller
  • As a co-owner of the above-referenced property and as an attorney with more than thirty years' experience in handling real estate transactions, I am writing to commend Deanna Broderick for her superb efforts.

    The above-referenced property was listed for sale on June 11, 2009, and the closing of the sale occurred on July 16, 2009. Deanna was exceptionally skillful in helping prepare the property for sale, and she was particularly astute in managing the many details that emerged from the time of listing through and including the closing. She knew how to work with me, as both the seller and an attorney, to bring this matter to an entirely satisfactory conclusion in a highly challenging market.

    I would not hesitate to recommend Deanna Broderick to others.

    Lee R. Bookman
  • This letter is to recognize the wonderful service that Kathy McNaughton-Byrne has given us while listing and selling homes for us.

    Her professionalism is to say the least  exceptional. She has the qualifications to assist buyers and sellers in a way where we trust her completely to represent us. Her knowledge of real estate should be used to train and mentor beginning REALTOR®  to make sure they model her practices.

    We can testify that Kathy McNaughton-Byrne is the BEST REALTOR® we have ever used in the 35 years of marriage buying and selling a total of 9 properties in 2 states and in 3 different cities.

    We would recommend Kathy McNaughton-Byrne to anyone wishing to sell or buy a property.

    Glen and Mary Ann Gilbreth
  • Marti Corcoran went above and beyond expectations to get a closing date. Really worked hard. We had a long drawn out closing that we thought would never happen and Marti stayed on top of things and in contact with us. We never had to wonder what was going on. She was great!

    Julie C.
  • Marti (Corcoran) is the only REALTOR we would even consider dealing with!

    Catherine and James Sandow
  • Marti Corcoran gave great advice, was always available for us - she was a true professional. Marti was not only our agent but also counselor, psychologist and cheerleader. She sold my mother's house and Barry Paoli was the agent for our 1st house purchase 32 years ago and he did a fantastic  job also. Thank you.

    Peter, Susan Wells
  • It is about 3 months since we moved into our new house and a little less than that since we closed on our Chicago home. Looking back on our experience from the time we 1st listed our Chicago home with you, we can assuredly say that you and your expertise as a Real Estate broker made all the difference in the world. We thank you very deeply. You were with us every step of the way in  your prompt, dependable, higly efficient and knowledgeable style. You toiled hard from the open houses to the showings, from the guidance in pricing to the referrals of competent handyman, electrician and plumber. Your presence in our lives significantly reduced the stress level we could have experienced in selling our home and buying our new one. Over the years, I have referred clients, friends and family to you telling them that they will not be disappointed if they work with you. Now our referrals will carry the truth and power of our firsthand experience. Your caring expertise and commitment to your clients brings to mind what Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said "Behavior is the mirror in which everyone shows their image." Your behavior created a very appealing image!

    Peter, Susan Wells
  • Marti Corcoran did a good job marketing the property! Marti is very professional and I would recommend her to anyone looking for an agent.

    Henry and Anita Koch