Solve the Credit Puzzle and Get Your Home Loan Approved

For many potential home buyers, understanding credit can be a confusing puzzle to solve. We'll try to help you put the puzzle together from the perspective of getting approved for a home mortgage.

The first step in securing financing for your next home will be a review of your credit. The lender will evaluate your credit score, payment history, balances carried, length of credit history, and types of credit. A not-so-good credit score can disqualify you for a mortgage if you do not meet the lender's minimum credit standards, it can affect your interest rate, and can raise your insurance costs.

Credit scores are comprised of five weighted factors:  payment history (35%), balances (30%), length of history (15%) type of credit (10%), and new credit (10%). Let's take a closer look at these components and some strategies to improve your score.

PET SAFETY: How To Pet-Proof Your Home

two dogs sitting on bedWe all love our pets dearly. If you are like most people, your pets are very important members of your family. You make huge investments in food, toys, health care, and much more to ensure your pets have happy and fulfilling lives.

When purchasing a home, most pet owners will not even consider a home that does not suit their pets needs, just like the needs of the rest of their family.

The safety of your furry companions in their living spaces is very important. Just like you baby-proof your house to keep your young children safe, your should take as much care to pet-proof it too.

Here are some good ideas to help keep your pets safe, with room-by-room pet-proofing tips.

KITCHEN - The kitchen is probably the most dangerous room in your house. The most effective way to make your kitchen safer for your pets is to make it inaccessible to them. For some pets, you can install a gate to make it impossible for them to enter the room without you letting them in, but this doesn't work in some cases. If you can't keep them out, then eliminating some of the hazards is the next step.

8 TIPS: How To Improve Your Credit Score Before Buying A Home

There are many factors that weigh in on getting approved for a mortgage. Factors that are related to your income, job stability, your credit history and score.

Your credit score has a big impact on whether or not you can obtain a home loan. In addition to the impact your credit score has on your ability to get a mortgage, it also can greatly impact the mortgage interest rate you will receive.

Since the mortgage approval process is one of the most critical steps to buying a home, it’s vital to position yourself in the best possible place before discussing mortgages with a lender.  Buyers who have strong credit scores greatly improve the chances they’re able to get approved for a mortgage and get the best interest rate.

So how can you improve your credit score in order to buy a home? We have compiled some great advice for you. Following the advice can take your credit scores from below average or average to amazing, which will go a long way in the mortgage approval process.