8 TIPS: How To Improve Your Credit Score Before Buying A Home

There are many factors that weigh in on getting approved for a mortgage. Factors that are related to your income, job stability, your credit history and score.

Your credit score has a big impact on whether or not you can obtain a home loan. In addition to the impact your credit score has on your ability to get a mortgage, it also can greatly impact the mortgage interest rate you will receive.

Since the mortgage approval process is one of the most critical steps to buying a home, it’s vital to position yourself in the best possible place before discussing mortgages with a lender.  Buyers who have strong credit scores greatly improve the chances they’re able to get approved for a mortgage and get the best interest rate.

So how can you improve your credit score in order to buy a home? We have compiled some great advice for you. Following the advice can take your credit scores from below average or average to amazing, which will go a long way in the mortgage approval process.

Edison Park Housing Market Update

Before we get to the latest housing market statistics for Chicago's Edison Park neighborhood, let's take a look at why Edison Park is a great place to live.

The housing in Edison Park is very similar to Park Ridge, an adjacent suburb, but Edison Park has the benefits of living in Chicago, including lower taxes. There are areas of raised ranches, bungalows, Dutch Colonials and historic Foursquare homes. Property lots are generous; 30 feet wide by 125 feet deep is normal and, in some pockets stretch to 50 feet wide by 150 feet deep. People do not feel on top of one another in Edison Park.

Thinking of Making a Career Change?

Is a career change in your future?  If it's the right time for you to start a new path, real estate can offer you a solid career with potential that is only limited by how much work you are willing to put into it. Here are a few of the reasons that real estate is a great career choice.

You can get started quickly. Pre-licensing classes can be completed within several weeks. 

You do not have to go into debt for education and certifications.  The price of real estate courses and licensing exams are remarkably low in comparison to many other career training programs. Instead of beginning a new career thousands of dollars in debt, your education for your career in real estate can in most cases be paid in full with your first commission.

The potential for earning a substantial income is very good. There are few career paths that have created the level of wealth for as many people as real estate.