Young buyers meeting with real estate agent

You wouldn't defend yourself from a lawsuit without the assistance of an attorney, nor would you diagnose and treat yourself for an illness . . . you would consult a physician.  Likewise, you should never make what may be the biggest financial decision of your life without the assistance of a professional REALTOR®.

The problem with buying real estate is that everybody seems to know just enough to be dangerous.  Your friends, relatives and co-workers are anxious to share what they know and give you advice.  The issue is that they don't know what they don't know.  Following advice from non-professionals can cost you a boat load of money and perhaps even a really bad financial and life decision.

A good real estate professional, on the other hand, is experienced and knowledgeable about properties in the area where you are buying. Your agent becomes your trusted advisor and guide and will take care of the heavy lifting, negotiating and problem-solving for you.

A good agent will walk you through the necessary steps before you start your property search such as getting preapproved so you don’t waste time looking at properties that aren’t a match or that you cannot afford.  They will listen to your goals and dreams, educate you about the market, and explain what you can get for your money.

Your agent can prevent you from making a very expensive mistake when it comes to buying by pointing out the pros and cons of each of the homes and ensuring the purchase contract addresses all the potential issues. They also help you formulate a strategy about how to handle the purchase offer and counteroffers.

A good agent is a ninja negotiator.  It is their job to get you the best price and terms while protecting your interests.  Negotiations can get pretty hairy at times, which is why an agent is always beneficial in acting as a buffer to separate emotion from facts and work to reach a favorable outcome.

What happens when the inspection reveals termites, a roof leak, a house that needs to be rewired?  What happens when an appraisal comes in at less than contract price?  Your agent is an expert at handling these kinds of situations and will work to represent your best interests and help you achieve your goal.

When you are represented by a good real estate professional, they will save you time, money and a great deal of emotional stress.

Contact us any time with your questions about buying real estate in the Chicagoland area or for a recommendation of an agent that can help you purchase a home, investment or commercial property.  That's our specialty, and we're delighted to help you!