The Passing of Tax Reform and What It Means to Current and Prospective Homeowners

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The tax reform legislation passed the House and Senate today, and will soon be signed by the President and become law.

The National Association of Realtors remains concerned that the overall structure of the final bill diminishes the tax benefits of homeownership and will cause adverse impacts in some markets. NAR is projecting some local markets, particularly in high cost, higher tax areas, will likely see price declines as a result of the legislation’s new restrictions on mortgage interest and state and local taxes.

Thinking of Making a Career Change in the New Year?

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Thinking of a new career in the New Year?  If it's the right time for you to start a new path, real estate can offer you a solid career with potential that is only limited by how much work you are willing to put into it. Here are a few of the reasons that real estate is a great career choice.

You can get started quickly. Pre-licensing classes are offered online and can be completed within several weeks. 

Homeownership Rates for the 'Under 35's' is Increasing

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According to a recent Bloomberg report, millennials want to own their own homes, and in increasing numbers would like to live in the suburbs. They’re getting married and having children later than their parents did, but they are starting to “cross barriers typically associated with buying,” Bloomberg reports.

Approximately one-third of home purchases are made by millennials who are making the leap from renting to owning their own home.

Welcome Renya Krempl!

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We're pleased to welcome Renya Krempl to our team of professional brokers!

As a trained meditation facilitator, Renya knows how to remain calm during the toughest real estate transactions. With positive encouragement, Renya helps keep you focused during the stressful time of buying or selling.

She listens to YOUR needs and she does not give up until you are thriving in your new home!

Holiday Toy Drive for New Hope Community Food Pantry!

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Our office will again be helping the New Hope Community Food Pantry on the Northwest side of Chicago and will be participating in their Holiday Toy Drive!

If you are able to give, please bring NEW, UNWRAPPED TOYS to the office and drop them in the pretty wrapped box by the front door. 


Thank you to Barb Angarone for putting this all together for us!

Here are examples of donations they are looking for:

Barry Paoli Honored - Humanitarians of the Year!

After a lifetime of helping countless people develop their real estate careers, their acumen, their livelihood, Barry Paoli will be receiving this prestigious honor along with a distinguished group of community leaders who have made major contributions to society.  The Humanitarians of the Year Gala will be held on November 11 at Loewes Chicago O'Hare Hotel.  See the announcement below to purchase tickets.